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Power of love

1. Power of thinking
Love starts from thought. We become what we thinking about. Change your thoughts and you will change your emotional experience. This is simple. If you have evil thoughts and feel angry, distrust to you beloved one you will be jealous. When you feel happiness you will get happiness and if your thinking is filled with love you will have love in your life. Full of love thoughts create life full of love and relations filled with love. So if you want love than create it. The only trusty way to know what is your ideal before you meet him to think of those qualities you want to meet in a person.

2. Power of respect
To love something or somebody you first need to respect it. And first of all respect yourself. If you pay no respect or love to yourself you are not able to respect and love others. Learn to take you the way you are, value yourself in spite of what others think or tell you. One needs to learn one thing – everyone has own place on the earth. Everyone is unique regardless of skin color, religion he or she practices or his/her world outlook foundations. For only this every human should be respected by others.

3. Power of gifting
If you want to get love give it. The more you gift the more you get back. Love is like boomerang it always returns. This does not mean that it returns from the same person you gave love but sooner or later you will get yours. Love supplies are endless. When we gift it we do not loose it. If you want to have love in your life you have gift it unconditionally and demand nothing in return. Gift if not a gift actually if giver asks for payment. Practicing do good things without price. To love means give up yourself with no payment. Before start any relationship ask yourself first what could you give to this person instead of what person has to offer. Secret formula of successful relationship is not what you may get but what you have to give.

4. Power of friendship.
If you want to find true love find real friend firstly. You should have similar views, values and purposes with your partner. To have true love for some one means to take the person not the way he or she looks but the way she or he is. Friendship is a ground where love will grow. If you want to bring in love in relations firstly bring in friendship.

5. Power of touch
Love is the most healing power in the whole Universe. There is enormous energy in touching. Touch is one of the most vigorous demonstrations of love which ruins barriers and straightens relations. It changes physical and emotional state and make people more receptive to love. Touch can help and cure the body, warm the soul. Open your arms.

6. Power of principle “Give freedom”
There is Chinese proverb: “if you love someone let him go. If he returns to you he will be yours; if not he never meant to be yours.” If you love someone then respect his needs and wishes. If you are not able to let him go this is not love. We write life pages on our own. It is impossible to love we have to give freedom to people we love. If you love someone allow him to be free. It is not always possible to give freedom to one you love but there is no other way. But you do not have to let you love go when relations are finished. Every one of us needs “own space” and even in love affairs we need it. People need to be free in relations otherwise they feel entrapped.
When we catch on some one we could suppress our partner emotionally and this happens not because of love but because jealousy, fear, uncertainty. You have to free yourself from everything that disturbs love like prejudice and judgment about people. Do you want to learn love? Learn to forgive and free from last resentments and sorrows.
Every one of us makes mistakes and if you want to be forgiven learn to forgive as well. Love means life without fears, prejudices and ego. Just remember that every problem (jealousy, hate, pain and other negative emotions) brings in experience that could enrich your life.

7. Power of communication
When we learn to communicate openly and sincerely life will be better. Learn to express your feelings. Inability to communicate with each other is the most wide spread illness and people suffer from this. Never afraid of telling three magic words “I love you”. To love means share and talk. Allow people to know that you value and love them. Never loose an opportunity to praise someone. Ask yourself: if you are to die very soon who would get a calling from you? Why do not do it now?

8. Power of fidelity.
If you are not faithful to a person you do not love him. To have real love relations you are to be faithful. Fidelity namely distinguishes tenuous relations from solid. Love is fidelity. Denying of duties is fear. Fear is the biggest obstacle for love. If you want love achieve to overcome your fears. In any relations there are good and bad moments.
Vitality of any relations depends on the way we are able to overcome difficulties. For relations to be successful both have to realize that relationship is more important than money, career, cars and cloth.

9. Power of passion.
For really love relations passion should be there. Physical passion is not lasting. Sex cannot be interpreted as passion. Passion is magic spark, which inflames and nourishes love. Physical passion is not long-lived and more powerful passion issues thinking and feelings. Surprises and spontaneity inflames passion. When we loose passion for something we loose love sense.

10. Power of trust
Trust is vital important for relations of two people. Trust to relations not only to your partner. With no trust one becomes suspicious and full of fears and partner feels trapped. Future is not meant to be the same as past. Whatever it was, whatever your life experience was you still have ability to change.
Vital book is written by us. Life is changing when we change. And next page is not to be the same as previous. We can start new chapter. It is important what happened in the past. Past is dead. Happiness is possible now.
Real life it is absolute acceptance of the other person. It is important to trust relationship whatever would happen. Majority of people create problems before they appear. And remember the only person able to change anything in your life is you. Do not discuss about love, go to love it is save.
We create love. Every one of use has an ability to love or be loved. Unimportant how you live your life now – single, unhappy, tired of present relations, life can be changed and you and only you is able to do it.


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