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Why Slavonic women are looking for a partner abroad

Marriage business gained its popularity in far 90th of last century. Since that time question that arises till present time has been asked. Why Slavonic women are so popular among western men and why they want to get married? Let’s try to examine this question from different points of view and find out what makes Slavonic women look for a life partner abroad, leave her mother country, friends, job, parent and move abroad?
What you will read here is a subjective opinion of working staff in dating and marriage agencies/
We do not want to be misinterpreted here and we do not state that all not married Slavonic women want to get married with western man. In any culture there is a group of people who are ready for such big changes. Other people stay the same place and hold the same opinion and not for the world would give up what they have got in life. Many women do not believe that this would work out because of mentality differences, life style differences; some women are afraid to move another country because they are not sure in own safety; another group of women would never leave their families, friends, children etc.
Let’s consider economical aspect of the question. Because of unstable economical situation people have to work for minor money. In most cases the provider for a family is man. To be a family provider in this situation is not an easy task for a man that is why they are not in hurry to get married, start family and provide it. This can be both way interpreted – poor economical situation influence and as a result selfish attitude. Last years tendency is that woman adapts to the economical situation and earns more money than man could provide. Besides that private apartment is incredibly expensive. All these conditions make some women look for better and stable economical conditions to start a family. There is a misconception among western men about the financial aspect of relationship with Slavonic woman and her expectations.
When a woman shows in “Expectation” column that she "is looking for a financial security" this means only one thing – she wants to have stable family life. This does not mean that she is going to stay home doing nothing and waiting for her husband to bring her money and make her wishes come true. It is far from it. Majority of women would like to work and do what they used to do at the work they had. This is how they image the situation. But reality is a little another. In reality women cannot work immediately after they got married because they have to apply for a pile of papers and documents. So at first she has no one to rely on except her husband. Or when she is pregnant or has a baby again she has no one to rely on in another country. This thought impulses her to say what she says.
Yes, there are women who do have a life aim to get a Green card or move another country, live there and have better living. But men who are looking for a woman for living with are not small boys and are able to define where scammer is and where is a lady with serious intentions.
Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian marriage law does not much defend women’s rights in case of divorce. According to the law one forth of ex –husband’s official month income goes for alimony on a child. In most cases child stays with mother. It is always easier to take care of yourself only rather than when there are two of you. Besides that not many fathers take much care of their offspring. So for a woman to take care of her child is not only moral duty.
Let’s pass on demographical aspect. The situation is the following: in FSU countries total amount of women is lower than men. According to statistic Ukrainian men is less on 10 than women.
And again to come back to statistics survival time for women makes up to almost eighty years old, while for men it makes less than sixty. Scientists explain this fact as result of poor economy, living under pressure and hard work. This fact also makes women to look for a partner abroad.
Believe you or not but to get acquainted with a good man from another country is simpler than in the mother city. Slavonic men are not very much marriage oriented. But any woman wants to get married, get this status, and create a family because it is her destination. Western men are more open to marriage relationship this is what Slavonic women lack.
Why do women choose marriage or dating agencies? Well to be honest most of them do not speak enough English to correspond on their own. But if there is a service that is able to help and simplify the process why would not one to use it?
In 9 cases out of 10 successful women would give up career and personal interests for the sake of family interests, children and husband interests.
Even young, independent, career oriented ladies, this tendency has developed in big cities, family and having children remains the main destination of any woman.
Girls from the early ages were taught to be responsible and care of family members and learned patience and respect her (father first and as a result) husband. This is what probably makes Russian wives so attractive to western men.
There are some issues that make western men so attractive to Slavonic women:
Russian men believe that household duties should be done by woman even if she has a job. On the other hand western men pay more respect to woman, help her with household chores and help to take care of a child.
Western men are not shy to show their feelings, ready to be romantic even if they are married for quite long time.
Talking about bad habits western men do not drink that much as Russian men.
Western men are able to take care of children what is very valuable for Russian women. They take a great part in their upbringing.
There are great number reasons why Slavonic women are looking for men abroad. They believe that it will work out. But any woman still needs love, mutual understanding.


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