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Wife and husband jokes

Getting married is like going to a restaurant with friends. You order seemingly what you want, but when you see what your friend has you wish you have ordered the same.

A daughter came to her mother and said "Mother, I have found a man just like my father! » and she got a reply, «do you want sympathy from me?"

A husband said to his wife (after a quarrel) "You know, I was real fool when I married you." Then she replied, "Yes, my dear, I see it but I was in love and didn’t notice that time ."

Once young son asked his father whether this is true that in some parts of Africa man does not know his bride until the marriage. Father’s answer was that it is happens daily in any country.

"you know, Susan has made her husband a millionaire!". "Really?" asked Johanna." Yes, my dear, before he met her he was a billionaire."

Once one man said, "I never knew what real happiness was until I got married; then I never had chance to find this out."

Men never would think they are so imperfect if they would not be married.

How do most men characterize marriage? They say that this is the most expensive way to have a dinner.

Two guys are talking about their wives. One man said "my wife is saint" , his friend replied "I am jealous, man. Mine is still alive"

Never argue or fight with a partner while he/she is packing your parachute.


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