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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about agency and website

What is is a web site where the profiles and pictures of the ladies that are looking for their match abroad are presented. All ladies of our site are marriage oriented and seriously looking for a life partner. We are here to help you to find your match, arrange introductions, deliver mail and gifts, and to help you resolve any difficulties or misunderstanding while using our site. Information about us can be found by clicking on About us. If you have any questions please Contact us.

What services do you provide?

Any of our services can be found by clicking link to Services. We believe that the fastest way for you to find your match is by means of our Perfect match service. To find out from the very beginning whether the lady you have chosen is interested in communicating with you please use our Inquiry letter service. Personal touch connection service will allow you to look at your chosen lady. You can also get the Ladies' addresses, leave your comments in Guestbook and put your ad in our VIP! Section.

Are ladies on your site real?

YES! - All ladies on the site are real and not married. When these ladies register with us they are asked to provide the manager with the copies of their passport front page showing their identification details and photograph to establish to us their bona fides.

Do ladies reply to letters on their own?

Our scheme is as follows. When the lady receives a letter from a man; the letter is translated for her and our manager informs the lady that there is mail waiting for her. She then comes to our office where a picture (if he sent one) and profile of the man will be shown to her and here in our office she answers the letter. Then our translator makes the translation of the lady's letter and it is sent to the man.

Services questions

When I register on the site how can I find out my ID?

After a registration on our site your ID will be sent to your email address after a few minutes.

Can I get lady's address?

Yes, you can buy lady's address.

Can I meet with my chosen Lady?

Yes but it is well to remember that sudden arrival without previous notice can be a problem sometimes especially if the lady has poor foreign language skill. A letter or card with your intention to visit her and a date for your arrival will enable her to prepare for your meeting and give her time to arrange an interpreter if she needs one. If you intend to come to another country and to an unknown city, please reserve your hotel accommodation before you arrive. If you do not have sufficient information about hotels, please, apply to address and we will help you. Tell us the date of your arrival and attach your photo so that manager of our agency can arrange to have you collected at the airport, railway station or bus station and take you to your hotel. It is better if you allow us to inform all of the ladies you intend to meet.

Are your services free?

Some are. Men can browse Ladies pictures and Bikini photos for free, to register on the site free and get all news from our site for no charge. Most of the ladies that are looking for someone abroad do not speak foreign languages well. This is the reason why they use an agency's help. Communication through an agency that possesses its own web site enables communication between people having the same purpose to be serious and genuine. Ukrainian women believe that a man who is using the services of a marriage agency and is able to pay its services is a man who has serious intentions and he would take care of her as his intended woman.

After I purchase the lady's address do I get her phone number?

If you buy an address you will get an address. You could get the telephone number of a girl if you ask her for it in a letter and after exchanging 5 letters(for example) she would indicate to you a convenient time for calling her. Please take into consideration the time difference. It can be from 1 to 12 hours and would depend on which country you are calling from.

I bought an address of the girl through you're agency, wrote her a letter and did not get a reply.

We cannot say why she did not reply to your letter. Possibly she liked you but she does not speak your language well enough to write you a letter and she has not found a translator to make a translation of it. The correspondence that passes through the agency is under strict control. To avoid such problems and the wasting of money and time please write through the agency. You can then be sure of proper communications and precise answers your questions.

How do I know that the lady on your site is available?

From the beginning we instruct our clients to notify us about their intentions and whether they wish to remain on our data base. If she does not wish to co-operate she simply calls us or notifies us to annul the agreement. The manager of the agency then contacts her for confirmation of dissolution of agreement and we remove her from the database.
We want to remind you again that all girls on our site are real and available. We do not place profiles and photos of unreal girls.

What bonuses are mentioned in Prices?

Why do you need to pay more? You can choose a convenient block for you and from it the possibility to do more correspondence. It means that for the same cost you get much more than expected. More details are available by clicking on Prices.

How will the money from my account be deducted. Is it after every written and received letter by me?

Money will be taken from your account automatically. At any time you will be able to enter Login to know your state of the account. If there is not enough money for writing of letters in your account you will be sent a message with a request to choose any block or meet the cost of one letter. A letter will not be delivered to a lady without payment.

Can I get lady's email?

Yes, you will be able to get lady's email if she has one. Cost of one email is US $19.98

I also would like to know whether I can delete my questionnaire and photo from Men's catalog.

If you want to remove your profile and picture from the site you will need to send a request to . If you are a registered member and there are your pictures and profile in Men's catalog but you do not have resources on your account and want to remove your data you will need to inform us about your intention. Otherwise as before you will be receiving messages from the server of the agency.

How to send a letter to a chosen lady?

In the end of every profile of a girl there is an option �Send a letter. Clicking on the page where you will enter �details� and �type a letter� will open.

What if I wrote a letter to a chosen lady but she is not interested in correspondence with me, should I pay for the letter?

For this purpose there is the category of Inquiry letter which at minimum expense limits your search to the group of the girls that are interested in correspondence with you.
Allow us to remind you that you can send a common letter to a girl at price of US $1.99.

How can I send you my pictures and how to attach them? What if I wanted to send some of my additional pictures to a girl who would pay for this?

One of your pictures (JPG format is desirable) you attach with your questionnaire when you register.
All additional pictures are paid and cost of one photo is US $ 8.95.

Whether all letters from me are translated for ladies?

Yes, all letters are translated. Cost of every letter includes cost of translation.

Correspondence questions

Will anyone else except a translator and a girl see the content of my letter?

An interpreter makes the translation of a letter reading neither the questionnaires of girl nor questionnaire of man and of course not seeing their photos.
Manager of the agency stipulates this condition to the interpreter when he employs one.

Can I exchange contact information with a girl in a letter?

It is permitted to exchange by telephones numbers in a letter if a girl is ready to give you a phone number. Postal address or email of a girl (if she has one) you get from [email protected] after prepayment of this service. Cost of one email is US $19.98.

I write my email in a letter to a girl but never get letters from her. Is the lady real?

Sorry, but server does not supply emails and deletes them automatically.
All ladies on the site are real and available, we assure you.

I got a letter from a girl and paid a standard cost US $8.95. I could not reply this letter after I opened it. When I open the same letter I should not pay US $ 8,95 again.

Yes, for one service you pay once.

How do girls get my letters? Does a manager call them?

When a letter comes to a lady, firstly it is translated and after a manager contacts the lady to say that the information is waiting for her. Lady comes to an office and after looking at photo of a man, reading his profile she answers the letter. Or if lady needs to think over the reply it is allowed to take the letter with her. After a while she brings the reply back to our office. We advise all of our ladies to reply to the incoming letters immediately to avoid loss of interest by the sender.

I would like to know if is there any limitation of number of words in writing of letters?

Yes, they must not exceed 10,000 characters (approximately 3 pages). If there are more then you will need to write a new letter in order not to exceed 10,000 characters.

Will it be possible to write a letter in Russian if I want to surprise a lady?

You can do it. If you want then write your letter in Latin letters. Better if you use Cyrillic and send this letter as attached file with Your ID and ID of girl to an address

Are translations of letters made by interpreters or by computer translation program?

All translations are made by interpreters. If you are familiar with translational programs then you know that they make metaphrases. All interpreter personnel employed by the agency are certificated translators. Any mistakes at translation are a result of misprints.

If I stay in correspondence with several ladies and they are from the same city and acquainted with each other or are friends will you inform them that I correspond with any of them?

No, we do not inform our ladies whether a man who sent them letters stays in correspondence with other girls.

Payment questions

What do I pay for?

You pay for the following services: every letter which you send or get; purchasing of a postal address or email, personal touch connection service, VIP category, Men printed catalog, Inquiry letter or Gift delivery in accordance with your desires and prices specified in Prices.

The cost of one letter makes US $8.95. Why?

The cost of every letter includes translation expenses. If you apply to any agency for translation services you will discover that cost of a small number of characters is twice as large as for the less number of characters. You could pay lower sum for letters if you choose one of the blocks where cost of one letter is considerably less.

How can I check the state of my account?

You can check the state of your account on the page Login. Every time you receive or send letters, gifts, addresses a purchase will be entered and you will be able to get a report about all expenses.

How do I pay?

For working with clients we chose Paypal system. You can effect payments using your credit card (Visa, Master Card).

Photos questions

Can you explain why do some girls have photos of high quality and some have amateur?

A photo is an obligatory condition for the placing of a girl's ad on the site. It is clear that high quality pictures ensure better chances. However not every girl is able to pay for a photo session in a photo salon. For some girls this is too expensive. It is a mistake to think that high-quality photos are done only for models. The manager of the agency accepts those photos which the girls give.

A girl said that she wants to send me few additional amateur photos. How can I get them?

You will be sent a notification from server that the girl (her ID) wants to send you (Your ID) additional photos. The number of pictures and the cost to send them will be given to you and if you agree to pay the charges the photos will be sent to you.

Why do girls ask me to send them more pictures of me?

As a rule men attach one photo during registration and that is not sufficient for women. We ask you to attach photos that were made no longer than 6 months ago so that when you meet she will be able to recognize you and avoid disappointment. It is important to exchange many amateur photos to have clearer picture of each other.

Possible technical problems FAQ

I sent a question to and never got an answer! Why?

There could be a problem with email addressing. We ask you to enter address into the address list of Your e-mail software.

A few days ago I paid the address of girl but still did not get it.

The orders of addresses of girls are carried out manually. Therefore it requires a little time to give such information. We ask you be patient for 24 hours.
If you do not get your ordered information within 24 hours, firstly check your email box as to whether a filter is not activated at address and secondly, please write us a letter, that you cannot get an address, girl's ID and Your ID.


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