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Elena picture 6
Всего фото: 6. Пикант фото: 0
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Имя: Elena
ID: 147
Дата рождения: Авг. 14, 1973
Возраст: 37 лет
Рост: 5'5" (165 см)
Вес: 54 кг
Телосложение: Среднее
Цвет глаз: зеленые
Цвет волос: коричневые
Страна: Ukraine
Город: Kiev 
Религия: Христианство
Рассовая принадлежность: Белый
Алкоголь: Не пью
Курение: Противник курения
Наркотики: Не употребляю наркотики
Знак зодиака: Лев
Образование: Бакалавр
Черты характера: честный(ая), скромный(ая), добрый(ая), верный(ая), общительный(ая), нежный(ая), мягкий(ая), бодрый(ая), оптимистичный(ая), романтический(ая), целеустремленный(ая), ответственный(ая), рассудительный(ая)
Татуировки: Нет тату
Драгоценности: Ношу одно или пару украшений
Пирсинг: Нет
Приготовление еды: Мне нравится готовить
Хождение по магазинам: Хожу по магазинам только при необходиомости
Домашняя работа: Мне нравится домашняя работа

О себе
Myself If to say some words about me, I can describe myself as calm,
well- balanced, sober-minded, down to earth, realistic woman.
My friends say I am responsible, with serious views on life,
marriage-minded, good listener and friend on who my friends can rely.
I never leave someone in hard times and I am supportive by nature.
I am against conflicts and arguing an prefer to use flexibility in any issue.
Like domestic atmosphere, cozy environment , cooking in one word I love family,
but miss a lot having someone dear and close to my heart. If you feel you can be that one ,
respond my ad and we will start our acquaintance and get know if we have the same views and intentions.

I am addicted to all kind of art. And yes, I love painting. Currently I’m studying aerography painting. And if I am successful enough may be I will even work in this field also. I love music and try to learn playing the acoustic guitar. I am keen on camping and reading all kind of books on psychology, philosophy, fantasy and classical literature. Among my favourite writers are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack London, Fennimore Cooper, J.R.R. Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell, Erich Maria Remark and to name but a few. Well, actually I am a very open- minded person and always search for something new and interesting. And yes I love to cook and cook delicious meals but… when I fall in love…. I contemplate a lot about myself and come to the conclusion that all my life, my occupations and hobbies depict my romantic character in the best way. I love traveling…

О партнере
My intention is to meet a serious family oriented man who keeps high moral
values and appreciates the moments of being happy beside his woman, whom he loves, cares of and respects.
I have a hope to find the Right man with the purpose to create long lasting, tender,
loving relations leading to family creation, to build mutual life together based on mutual understanding ,
support in ups and downs, unconditional love and responsibility to each other. I see him as purposeful,
cheerful, energetic, warm-hearted, generous, kind, smart with good manners, decent, sincere,
polite with pleasant appearance. It doesn’t mater if he has children because I love children
and would treat his kids in the best way.

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